Background Check

Identity Verification
Hiring a dishonest employee, or one who misled you as to his or her identity and/or qualifications, can be extremely costly to your company. Costs associated with making a poor hiring decision have been estimated to range between half and double the respective employee’s annual salary. Proper screening will help you avoid hiring employees who may be prone to committing fraud and theft. Furthermore, you may be liable for the actions of an employee if you haven’t checked their criminal record.

Background Screening
Background checks give employers the critical information for making the best hiring decisions. Some of the common checks include: criminal background check, social security number verification, motor vehicle record, Patriot Act Search, and workers compensation. Many more are available, and GCSC can provide this service for you.

Why do I need background checks?

  • Better quality of applicant
  • A better workforce
  • Less turnover of employees
  • A safer workplace by avoiding employees with a violent history
  • Required by many industrial facilities
  • Courts expect employers to conduct a reasonable background check on new hires

Most employees will attend safety training at GCSC, so there would not be redundant time spent traveling. It is easy, fast, accurate, and available right here on the website. The employer can verify background screens online while verifying safety training records, thus eliminating paper trail and time spent filing records.


Social Security Verification
A Social Security Number Verification is a one-time, non-recurring event. It is required by GCSC for all individuals who wish to receive training at our facility. It is crucial for employers, as well as GCSC, to know that individuals are who they say they are. The cost for this service is $5.00 for Members and $7.50 for non-Members.

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